Want to see what sorts of things I write?  Here is a look at what I have published and what is in the works.

Front cover

Music Theory (novel). Available in print, Kindle and audio versions through Amazon. Retailers can order through Ingram.

Basie Wenger, a twenty-four-year-old trained percussionist from Philadelphia, impulsively takes on a sudden posting as choir director for a church in Kansas City. Trying to adjust to small town life is difficult enough. But as she begins her new job, Basie has make peace with angry church board members, single-handedly save a children’s dance recital, manage a growing list of potential boyfriends, and complete three bizarre and humiliating challenges commanded in the will of a recently deceased church member. Oh, and lead the choir… all while keeping the secret that she can’t actually sing.

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You can also check out Basie’s Spotify account including her KC Playlist and a little thing she calls Fun Time (Signatures).


Eldridge Academy  (novel)

Justin Walker, a sixteen-year-old math prodigy, is about to become the newest professor at Eldridge Academy, a college hidden inside a space-time rift in rural Kansas caused by the Philadelphia Experiment.  When Justin arrives for his final job interview, he is thrust into a journey between alternate realities and far away worlds that no amount of calculating could have prepared him for.

At Home in the Dark (novel)

Lewis Evry lives a discreet life as a local police officer when the call of duty forces him to commit a willing act of bloodshed.  Vowing never to use violence again, Lewis is nonetheless thrust into the role of private investigator, client included–a teenage black-belt named Lily Miller who is searching for her birth mother.  Despite their clashing personalities and perspectives on violence, Lewis and Lily succeed in locating the birth mother only to find themselves at the start of a new and more dangerous mystery.


This is a travel blog I wrote while touring libraries and museums in Ireland and the UK in 2012 as part of my Masters program in Library Science. Feel free to give it a read.

Fictional Almanac

I coordinate a blog where librarians like me celebrate fictional events in real life. Do you want ideas for how to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday, commemorate First Contact Day, or salute Robinson Crusoe on his deserted island? Follow us on WordPress, twitter, or Facebook to keep up.